Clutter Cut, Inc. (A Fun Rhyming Picture eBook for Kids)
Open Cloot's door and it's quite revealing.
Clutter, clutter right up to the ceiling.
If he hadn't a roof it would rise to the sky.
Will Cloot part with some? He doesn’t see why! One day Cloot’s dad peers into his room to see a mountain of unused toys. Together they form Clutter Cut, Inc. and get a box ready to be filled. Cloot spends hours in a jam though—which toys will go and which ones will stay.
There’s nothing great about giving toys away—or is there...?


Lester Lex
“Some time ago I realized had too much stuff and didn't know what to do with it all. After several cups of tea (the solution to everything for the English) I decided to give it a More...