Because of the Moon
Publisher : Blue Moose Publishing

“Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay; an out of control and mischievious teen. Arrested for being at a chop shop, Jay can either go to juvenile detention or move to the poor Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance. Jay's latest prank,'rat day', went off without a hitch but can his wits and super-glue stop Miles the bully for good? A humorous, clever and fast-paced story.

The Story Behind This Book
I was tired of reading sad books for teens so I wrote "Because of the Moon" to show the funny side of living in a coastal Indian village. I have lived near First Nations people my whole life but really knew very little about them. This was my chance to learn about the culture and people whose land I live on but present it in a humour manner.

Praise and Reviews
Read the great reviews on Adults and children have both said wonderful things about Because of the Moon.


Colleen Cutayne
I live in Port Coquitlam, BC with my husband of 4 years. I have been writing for children for the past 8 years. UBC writing centre, SCBWI and my children's writers list serve have  More...
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