Cold in California
Publisher : ireadiwrite Publishing

What really happens after a vampire finally dies? Heaven? Hell? Nope, purgatory in a West Hollywood warehouse. Go figure.

Cold in California playfully proposes that even the worst of the supernatural world gets one more chance at redemption … and now reluctant twice-baked vampire Gabriel Strickland, must face a whole new meaning for good and evil.


The Story Behind This Book
To explore redemption for a vampire, one must recreate the mythology, and thus, "Cold in California" is the first of the "Twice-Baked Vampire" series. Of course, it had to have humor too, right?

Praise and Reviews

“Spend some time with twice-baked vampire, Gabriel and you’ll not only discover a new mythology, but a new world called COLD IN CALIFORNIA.”

                                                     ~ Joe Wilson

                                                Writer/Director of “Vampire Mob”

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