Thais of Athens
By Maria K
Publisher : TSK Group, LLC
At seventeen, she was a pride of Athens. At twenty-six, she participated in Alexander the Great's Persian campaign. Before the age of thirty-five, she became the queen of Egypt in Memphis. A remarkable woman. A remarkable life.

The beautiful hetaera Thais was a real woman who inspired poets, artists and sculptors in Athens, Memphis, Alexandria, Babylon and Ecbatana. She traveled with Alexander the Great's army during his Persian campaign and was the only woman to enter the capitol of Persia - Persepolis.

Love, beauty, philosophy, war, religion - all that and more in a historic masterpiece by Ivan Yefremov.



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Maria K
My full name is Maria Igorevna Kuroshchepova and I am a Russian-Ukrainian immigrant who came to the United States as an impressionable 19-year old exchange student.

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