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If you are an author and looking for professional book-marketing services, effective marketing methods and new book promotion tactics please refer to the resources listed below.

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Author Toolkits
  Master self-publishing in no time with Author Toolkits made by the Book Design Templates team. There are a variety of toolkits to choose from based on your needs - Book Launch Toolkit, Press Release Masterclass, Quick & Easy Media Kits Templates, Book Proposal Template Kit, How to Blog a Book Template Kit, and Quick & Easy Blog Post Templates.
Sparkle Book Tours and Author Services
  Sparkle Book Tours offer authors affordable virtual blog tours that will suite your budget and reach new readers. With Sparkle Author Service, authors are able to produce professional media kits, e-books and many more at affordable prices. Making your book sparkle.
  Orangeberry Book Tours  

Creative Book Marketing Solutions that includes virtual book tours, Twitter Blasts, beta readers and book reviewers.

  Children's Book Cover Artist Available  
Painter / illustrator seeking continued work illustrating children's books and book covers. Hand painted images, digitally formated, whimsical in style. Easy to work with, publisher and author references available. Will meet any timelines.

Deborah Eve Alastra
Portland, Oregon
Recent review

Every TTTS VIDEO is designed and produced by Award Winning Hollywood, WGA Screenwriter, Misty Taggart , her professional TTTS production staff and voice over talent. Her over 20 years of experience actively working in animation and live action is the driving force behind TRAILER TO THE STARS! PRODUCTIONS. Among Misty's credits: Another World(NBC); Knots Landing; The Incredible Hulk; Romance Theater; Fantasy Island, Scooby Doo; Jem; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ... and many more. You can see samples of her work at: Contact info: TRAILERTOTHESTARS@GMAIL.COM

  MONEYSAVER EDITING Let me help you with your next book. References upon request. You won`t be disappointed.  
My editing business plan...First and foremost, I won't let you down. My work with you will be done only when you feel satisfied with what we have accomplished. I promise you that I will not change or alter anything you have painstakingly written, without asking you first. I do not charge by the word, I charge by the hour. I use voice recognition software to speed up the process. I am an all-around editor, from the proofread stage to your final edit . we will come up with a payment plan together. I will edit your manuscript once. You will pay me in full and then I will do a final edit, usually for free. This plan is not set in stone; it may vary. Here is what one of my author`s have to say about me....Dennis is a fantastic book editor! He takes your words and ideas and enhances them to make your words come alive! He will take the ordinary and make it extraordinary...JULIUS THOMPSON, "GHOST OF ATLANTA" DDEROSE@HVC.RR.COM
Your novel IS being judged by it's cover! So let's talk about the future of your novel. Make a statement with book cover design and let's fly together! Fill out a personalized design brief along with a MerryBird online contract and begin the design process today!

There were close to 800,000 books self-published last year. How to find the great from the not-so-good? IndieReader is the only place to find--and sell--the best indie books. And it gives the best indie authors a place where their books can shine.

  Self Publishing  
Self Publishing Inc. is now offering Book Marketing Services! Like all of the professional services offered by Ron Pramschufer's publishing services company, their Book Marketing Services take an author-centric option to help their customers strategize and formulate the best practices to successfully market their book(s).

Publetariat is an online community and news hub built specifically for indie authors and small, independent imprints. Who needs another online writers' community? If you're an indie author or a small imprint, you do. There are plenty of online sites and communities for writers, but none of them serve all the specific wants and needs of indie authors and small imprints.

  Stimulating Conversation  
Stimulating Conversation can help you to Improve Your Visibility, Develop a cost effective cohesive Author Book Marketing Plan, Turn Readers into Fans, Sell yourself, the Author and your Books, Get Reviews, Build an exciting easy to update website that will keep your Fans returning and Stimulate Conversation about your book.

  Authors Digital  
Authors Digital, offers a turnkey audio book production solution for authors that would like to release their titles in audio-downloadable format. We offer remote recording where we travel to the author to record them, when applicable. We also have solutions for distribution to all the majors for audio and ebook titles.


Booktrix: resources for publishers and content owners: Our goal is to win customers to the pleasure of reading books and book content in many formats and by doing so to help publishers and authors transform their business models.

Readiac exists for one purpose: to celebrate the truly powerful experiences we have when we read a really great book (or hear a really incredible poem).

I wanted to be able to publish just the reviews and other types of writing (memoirs, essays, even literary criticism) that communicate the powerful transcendent and inebriating experience of reading a great book. Readiac gives readers (and writers) an opportunity to tell the world when a book or an author simply knocks your socks off, blows you away, takes you completely out of yourself, transcends every expectation, and transports you to that mysterious place we go when we experience literary greatness. And Livewriters: author and book video of all kinds
Chptr1 introduces readers to new books by providing in depth information about the book and blurbs, recommendations and early reviews to readers to help cut through the opacity that having too many books to choose from creates for readers.

WritersCast features interviews, readings and discussions with writers on a wide variety of topics. We are particularly interested in the writing process, the struggles that writers and publishers undergo in bringing their work to audiences, and in giving authors the opportunity to talk about their work.
Duncan Long is a freelance illustrator who has created hundreds of illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, American Media, Fort Ross, Paladin Press, Lyons Press, and many self-publishing authors and small presses.You can see his portfolio at: Contact info: 785-776-6186

  Author & Book Promotions  
Author & Book Promotions -- a resource directory and book promotion service for authors -- comprised of articles, marketing tips, and resources on book promotion. It also features books by best-selling and new authors, giving them greater online book publicity. Its mission is to bring as much publicity to authors of all stages and expose their books to readers around the world! And its goal is to promote quality books from new and established authors, and connect them to readers worldwide.

  Red Paper Design  
Design project management for authors and publishers of children's books and software for educational and trade markets.We additionally design websites for freelancers, small businesses and organisations. We create websites ideally suited to people who will want to add to the website themselves to keep their site fresh with news and updates.

  Dunn ° Pellier Media Consulting  
Get TV Producers to say YES to your book or expertise without a pricey publicists with a proven track record of TV bookings - we teach you the tools from a Producer standpoint at Dunn Pellier Media Consulting.

  Books In Sync  
Recognizing Authors For Their Hard Work, Commitment And Contribution To Today's Literary Field And Tomorrow's Literary Future!

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  We Compare  
Search over a dozen of the largest bookstores online to ensure that you always get the best price available.
  HubBooks Literary Services  
We're offering Publishing and promoting services to authors on and off the Internet. From appearing in our catalog and on our website, to publishing your book, Hub Books can now serve your needs!
If you are an author interested in advertising or publishing with us, please click here.

  Drive Home Productions  
Helps create video book trailers. Typically this is a 1.5 - 2 minute ready-for-web video. Elements include, but are not limited to: imagery, video footage, music, storyboarding, distribution, etc. Cost varies depending on the length and elements used.

  Call to Action Websites  
Internet marketing experts who build call-to-action websites that get people to say yes to your brand, book or business. Because the websites are developed using Wordpress, your website can be setup in days. And you can maintain your website on your own with ease.

A young and dynamic company with a proven track record of helping writers to get published. BubbleCow will edit your book, improve your synopsis and provide a mentor. BubbleCow specialises in preparing your book for submission to agents and/or publishers.
is an online book store by authors of every genre, including non-fiction. Our books are paperback, hardbound, e-books, kindle and downloads. We have chats with our authors on Tuesday nights, at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, that's open to anyone wishing to chat live with an author.
  Authors And Experts  
AuthorsandExperts, a division of Five Star Publications, is the place where media professionals, meeting planners and others find experts, authors and spokespeople.Authors and Experts connects you with media professionals and event planners actively seeking your knowledge and skills. This simple, affordable service gets you visibility where you want it on TV or radio, speaking at a national convention, or being quoted in a national magazine.
  School Bookings  
At we help authors with the exposure and resources they need to become successful, while at the same time providing schools with free access to authors of children's books that make presentations at schools.
  Love Your Life Publishing  
Love Your Life Publishing, Inc is a powerful partnership between best-selling authors Christine Kloser and Lynne Klippel. We have both created six figure businesses based on our books, services, and information products. Over the years, we've helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, write, publish, and market successful books.we designed our publishing company to give you the best possible publishing experience. We make it quick, easy, and profitable to create and produce your very own book.
  Writers In The Sky  
Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (WITS) is a team of writers, ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders offering a professional, quick, and easy method for outsourcing a wide variety of writing and editing projects. Our professional team help you take your writing to the next level. Providing you with premier customer service with prompt turnaround at an affordable price is a top priority on every job regardless of size!
  World Public Library  
The World Public Library Association Collection shelves more than 500,000+ PDF eBooks in 100+ languages. The World Public Library Association contains 125 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today. The mission of the World Public Library's Acquisition Department is to add new eBooks 24/7 to our shelves.
  Humanus Publishing INC.  
Humanus is a full-service centre for self-publishing authors.We assist authors with their non-fiction book and ebook projects from concept, to editing, to printing, to marketing, to worldwide warehousing and shipping.We specialize in guiding clients through a tested methodology of self-publishing that helps them sell their book on a national or international level.
  The Creative Penn  
Writing, Self-Publishing, Print-On-Demand, Internet Sales and Promotion...for your Book. Offering information and inspiration for writers and authors through a free blog, articles, podcasts and much more. Get your free Author 2.0 Blueprint here for ideas on using Web 2.0 to write, publish, sell and promote your book.