Viyo Lance

“Viyo Lance” was born Kenneth L. Martin, Jr. on July 15, 1974, in Washington, DC He grew up in the various quadrants of Washington, and Maryland. He is the son of Kenneth L. Martin, Sr. and Gail D. Martin. His grandmother, Annie May Cinada, has always been an inspiration to him. He has two beautiful daughters, Dominique Lee-Martin and Kayah B. Martin. His four siblings are Richard Martin, Edward, Howard and Averie Kearney.

The name “Viyo Lance” is derived from the word violence, because that best describes the things he has seen and been through. He has been invited to speak, and volunteer for various youth programs in the community. He loves to read and is always looking for new and intellectual topics to write and converse about. He always knew that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. His first focus was on music, but writing always came naturally.

He currently resides in the suburbs of Prince George's County, MD and is now working on two forthcoming novels

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