Tom And TJ Loegering

I have spent 49 years in all phases of the real estate and construction business, and as a general contractor and certified property manager.  I have been very successful and have retired several times. 

I am currently a SCORE Consultant and I advise small business owners how to be successful.   My son and I put together a book - Success or Failure.  The Choice is Yours! 

This book or workbook is an interactive thought provoking workbook and business plan and will help you decide where it is you are going in your life and how to get there.  This book is for anyone with a business or even just a life plan or goal you would like to accomplish. 

"I used these ideas in a job interview to get my dream job where I will do more than I get paid for as I move up the corporate ladder."
- Mark, Formerly unemployed Insurance Adjuster

"Thank you, I have applied your principles which enabled me to develop a business plan for my successful retirement." -  Suzanne Sarf, a Happily Retired Senior

"This easy to understand and apply book allowed me to immediately adapt these concepts for my business and personal life."  - Davide Dickey, Owner, K9Kindergarten, L.A., California


Book(s) By Tom And TJ Loegering

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