Rochelle Magee

No Witnesses: A Perilous Journey is an urban tale of a group of friends who travel cross-country on the road to self-revelation. They get more than what they bargain for when beauty and brains are not enough to overcome the pressures of their fast-paced lifestyles. Confronted by drugs, gambling, rape, and murder, the girls succumb to the power of their worst enemies – themselves.

Through the eyes of fictional characters, Rochelle Magee examines the lives of five sociopaths, and the effect their lack of remorse has on the individuals closest to them. In her debut novel, No Witnesses: A Perilous Journey, Magee takes readers into the minds of people with unresolved psychological conflicts and the unconscious behaviors linked to it. Our society is full of people who refuse to conform to behaviors that are labeled “socially acceptable”, and also those who live with various disorders unbeknownst to themselves.

Raised in poverty-stricken environments, Rochelle Magee plans to highlight the factors that contribute to one’s development. She credits her upbringing for her individuality, and views life’s obstacles as learning opportunities. Her personal experiences coupled with the testimonies of others are the basis for her novel and future works with La’ Femme’ Fatale Productions, Inc.

A first-generation college student, Rochelle Magee majors in Psychology and is actively involved on campus and in the community. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, spending her leisure tutoring and mentoring the youth.

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