Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

Rick Wiggins has harbored a love of science fiction and fantasy books and movies for as long as anyone can remember.  He began to expand into his own world through writing many years ago.  His works at large, however, would not be shared with the deserving world until now.

Rick is athletic and strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  He jogs or bikes daily and has run in numerous 1/2 marathons and ridden in many 100+ mile bicycle rides.  His ultimate goal is to ride his bicycle from California to Oklahoma.  Rick is the father of three daughters and a grandfather as well.

Born to parents whose livelihood came from the oil business, Rick has lived in many wonderful places, from Venezuela to Alaska.  He currently resides in Northern California with his wife and all the pets his children have left behind as they’ve moved on into worlds of their own making.

Book(s) By Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

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