Nicole ( Coco) Davis

" Obstacles are just part of the game. Whatever you imagine you can achieve." Russell Simmons"

Nicole Davis is a 39 year old African - American woman from the Westside of Chicago Illinois. She is the second oldest of four sibling, and is a devoted wife of 16 years, and mother of three children. In addition to her three children, she was in the process of adopting two kids that were HIV positive. The process was cut short due to her incarceration. She attended Trinton College, studying real estate and mastered the art of buying and selling property.

She also worked for numberous years at the Chicago Stock Exchange, and Walsh Construction Company as a flagger. She was a sponsor for the Make- A- Wish Foundation for 2 1/2 years. An unfortunate turn of events led her to a 14 - year sentence in a federal prison, where she has been for the past seven years. She became involved in urban fiction while on house arrest after her sister gave her a novel to read. She has always had a passion for writing, but was afraid of rejection.

She has now put those fears behind her and stepped out on faith with her writing. Sitting in prison day after day doing nothing, convinced her to utilize her time by writing. She picked up her pen and began writing her first novel, titled Chicago's Baddest Bitch! two years and four novels later, she is still at it.

She now has the time to direct her thoughts, imagination, and personal experiences to weave her novels. Writing for her has become therapeutic.. It helps to relax her mind. Not only does she want her readers to enjoy her thoughts, but also learn from them and understand that her books are about everyday people in todays society. She also wants them to recognize that there ia a message behind each story. She has been inspired by favorite authors such as: Michele A. Fletcher , Roy Glen, Nora Roberts, Terry McMillan, Michael Baisden, and Mary B. Morrison, just to name a few.

At times she finds that her work is often compared to K'wan, Shannon Holmes, Deja King, Teri Woods, and Keisha Ervin. She refuses to allow prison to hold her back from what she loves doing, which is writing. Writing comes with motivation and determination. Getting her books out there to the public will be a great rehabilitation process for her.

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