Jean Victoria Norloch

Who is she?  This woman who speaks of past lives and the fight for humanities survival...

What right does she have to imply that she may have the answers to all life’s questions, who gave her the authority to offer to provide those truths?

She is nobody, a single divorced mothers of one who merely wishes to define for herself the truth behind why we are here, who we are and where we are headed.  Not a spiritual leader, not a certified expert in any given field and certainly nowhere close to pure or perfect she is as human as you and possibly more lost.  Still she seeks and believes the promise that if you seek so shall you find and as such will not give up her quest for truth.  Yet what does she think it is?  She doesn’t know but she hopes that you the reader will help her find those answers as she believes  that buried within every person, every belief system from every culture exists a common vein of truth.  That through the strength of unity that comes from knowing definitively that the human race is all connected we can work together to finally answer those questions we have so long sought the answers for and use those answers to help move the human race safely into the next age. 

As for where she comes from, that answer she has yet to find but if you are willing she will take you with her as she seeks out her truth...

Book(s) By Jean Victoria Norloch

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