Jaimey Grant

Jaimey Grant is a pseudonym for Laura Miller. She was born in Michigan in 1979, the fourth of five children. Childhood passed in a blur of humid summers and freezing, snowy winters.

She started writing after devouring hundreds of traditional Regency romances. She used to believe it took some kind of genius to write a book. Knowing she was not a genius, she decided to try  anyway. After sitting down with a set of characters and a basic plot, she wrote her first book from start to finish. It wasn't perfect or even good by any means, but it was still something to be proud of.

Over a dozen manuscripts later, she finally considers herself a writer.

Her favorite Regency authors include Jane Austen, Patricia Veryan, Marion Chesney, Loretta Chase, Barbara Metzger, and too many more to name. She also has a love of Gothic and mystery/suspense books, incorporating these themes into her own works. Gothic/suspense influences include Victoria Holt, Madeleine Brent, Carola Salisbury, and more.

She currently resides in Michigan with her husband and two children. She is working on several more Regency romances, as well as other genres that will probably be published under different pen names

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