Frank Riganelli

Frank Riganelli is being called an up-and-coming author whose writing has been praised as suspenseful and sophisticated. After writing articles that have been published and distributed by a professional organization, Frank was mentioned in a news story at msnCareers before turning his creative style to novels -- his debut novel praised as thrilling and a roller-coaster ride.

His life has been an interesting one for his age of 46, in which time he has travelled to a dozen countries and lived in several of them. He spent 15 years working in management positions of Fortune companies and as an instructor at the college level, before providing communication skills training in other countries. Some highlights of his background include providing tutoring services to a member of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Planning Committee; holding the position of director in an international language business; and being praised as the best trainer by a former student (corporate lawyer). He was a former Ghostwriter for a publisher, judged a short-story competition, has provided editing services for graduate research material at USC, and reviews books for a POD publisher. However his life has also seen some enigmatic events such as a planned attempt on his life, his forced flee from Canada for his safety, and a disturbing, staged incident which saw him assaulted by a group of 6. Frank is fluent in Italian, having taught the language at night school, and prior to leaving Canada he was a volunteer for Big Brothers and The March of Dimes, had met two former Prime Ministers, and was a senior member of his engineering society. He received a national award by the War Veterans Association on behalf of his father; who received several invitations to the Vatican, and was the recipient of a certificate of patriotism from the United Nations for his underground resistance efforts against the Nazis. Frank writes his fourth novel as he currently resides in South East Asia, unable to return to his home.

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