Christos Tsiailis

Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1974.   He has obtained a B.A degree in English Literature and Linguistics and also participated in many writing workshops and writers’ retreats, either for acquiring new writing techniques, or as an organizer.  He is also involved in script writing. He has written novels, short stories, collections of poetry and theatrical plays, both in English and Greek, many of which have been uploaded on internet literary websites or published in newspapers and literary magazines.  He is the owner of a Tutorial Centre, where he teaches English.  Always on the bulk, he is also a devoted Marathon and Triathlon athlete, having completed numerous Marathon and Triathlon races internationally.  He currently lives in Nicosia, Cyprus.  You may contact him and read some more of his work, both in English and Greek, on his website to read about his book ‘Throwing Dice on A Chessboard’ or in his blog

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