Caryl Westmore

Dubbed the "Queen of Break-Free" by my girlfriends and coaching clients, my claim to fame is discovering a way to "break-free-fast" when stuck in pain or fear...all in 3 Easy Steps so that you can... Attract and Live the Life you Love.

And doing it all in mid-life!

Ten years ago I despaired feeling "fifty and finished" when I lost almost everything - home and dog in a fire; husband to divorce etc. But from broke and homeless, inspired by my belief in a Higher Power or the Universe, I RE-CREATED myself and my life to today - a dream life as an author and speaker, traveling the world with my soul mate and second husband, sharing my insights how you can use life-changing healing tools like EFT Tapping and Law of Attraction principles which I describe in my book and coaching mastery program YOU CAN BREAK-FREE FAST.

And thanks to quantum science and advances in brain research, my method embraces practical and spiritual - mind, body, heart - and soul.
* my grown daughter and son...
* my grand-son of 4
* being in nature as much as I can
* the Grace-given chance to find my passion, power, peace, purpose
* being a "babyboomer honeymooner" with Nick, my husband

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