Alison Pensy

I was born and raised in England and grew up near a medieval city called Norwich, which is where much of the inspiration for my books comes from.  I have traveled extensively and the experiences and inspiration gained from that are priceless. 

Moving to the States in 2001, I started out in California, but the pace of life for a country girl was overwhelming, and I eventually settled near a small town in mid Missouri with my menagerie of animals.

I also run a tax and accounting business, which keeps me very busy during the day, and especially for the first few months of the year where I go into “headless chicken” mode.

I started writing a couple of years ago when I became so fed up with the real world, I decided to create my own.  It’s fun at the end of a busy day dealing with other people’s finances to escape into a world where money has no bearing.

My debut young adult novel is an exciting adventure, which takes you from the familiar World of Men to a faery realm called Azran, and back again. 

Please visit my website at  I love to hear from readers, so please feel free to leave me comments or ask questions.


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